The two-acre parcel sits on land that was donated by Nicoline Olsen, a local resident, for $1 in 1902. Nicoline Olsen is buried at the cemetery next to her husband under a Douglas fir. Earliest records is a burial in 1904.

The Longbranch Cemetery Association was formed on April 16th, 1905. Longbranch was a newly settled area on the Key Peninsula, located on Puget Sound. The notes of the organizing meeting tell of their plan to obtain, by purchase or donation, land suitable for a burial ground, then to clear, grade, fence and maintain the same as a cemetery. This group of people were not only successful in doing so, but their descendants and other volunteers continue that work a hundred years later.



The Longbranch Cemetery Association board is made up of a small group of volunteers with limited time and resources. Cemetery records show who is buried, the date of burial and where their plot is located. Contact the cemetery at info@LongbranchCemetery.com to request information.