Longbranch Cemetery

The Longbranch Cemetery is located at the NE corner of 46th Av KP S and the Key Peninsula Highway S in the unincorporated community of Longbranch, Pierce County, Washington, United States.

The cemetery is managed by a volunteer board which is currently seeking new members to participate in continuing this effort.

Longbranch is located on the Key Peninsula, along Filucy Bay between Pitt Passage and Balch Passage.

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The Longbranch Cemetery Association, Inc., is a registered 501-C3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the historical Longbranch Cemetery and providing burial plots for the community of Longbranch, Washington. We do not provide burial services. Learn more about the cemetery, purchasing plots, and more on our About page.


It was over one hundred years ago that the Longbranch Cemetery Association was formed on April 16th, 1905. Longbranch was a newly settled area on the Key Peninsula, located on Puget Sound. The notes of the organizing meeting tell of their plan to obtain, by purchase or donation, land suitable for a burial ground, then to clear, grade, fence and maintain the same as a cemetery. This group of people were not only successful in doing so, but their descendants and other volunteers are carrying on that work even now into a new century.

Frequently Asked Questions


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for answers about burials, plot maintenance, and how you can support the Longbranch Cemetery Association.