About the Cemetery

The Longbranch Cemetery is a community cemetery that sits on a tranquil, sunny, rural hillside in Longbranch, Washington. It is managed by volunteers, members of the Longbranch Cemetery Association.

Plots measure 5' x 10' and may be used for conventional caskets or up to 4 urns containing cremation ashes.

At the time of purchase, individuals interested in buying a plot must live or have ties to the Longbranch community, south of the bridge in Home, Washington.

Personalized grave markers and compact, easy to maintain plantings are welcome. Invasive species of plants are not allowed. Flat headstones are encouraged.

When maintaining a plot, please note that herbicides and pesticides are not allowed.

If you wish to discuss membership requirements or get more information about burial plots, please contact us at info@LongbranchCemetery.com.

Support the Association

We are all volunteers and rely on member donations to pay for development, maintenance and mowing service at the cemetery. We welcome new volunteers who want to work in a collaborative, respectful manner. Please contact us at info@LongbranchCemetery.com.

The Longbranch Cemetery operates solely on donations and revenue from the sale of plots. We depend on and welcome donations! As a 501-C3, we can provide receipts so that your donations are tax deductible. Please contact us at info@LongbranchCemetery.com or send checks to Longbranch Cemetery Association, 4819 Key Peninsula Highway SW, Longbranch, WA, 98351.



The Longbranch Cemetery is located at 16518 46th St. SW, in Longbranch, Washington.