Why do I have to live in the Longbranch community in order to buy a burial plot?

This is a relatively small cemetery and we have these geographic requirements in place so that it can continue to serve the needs of our community.

Can I sell plots that I own or give them to another person?

You cannot sell a plot. For a $50 fee, you may give your plot to another person. When we receive payment and a completed form detailing the transfer, we will update our records to indicate the change in ownership. You may give the plot to a family member or donate the plot back to the Longbranch Cemetery Association. In these circumstance, fees are waived

Do you sell plots for cremation remains?

All of our plots are the same dimensions. You may bury up to 4 urns or cremains in a single plot. They must be buried at least 10 inches below the surface.

Can you help me find out if my family owns burial plots in the Longbranch Cemetery?

Yes, we can help you determine whether your family owns a plot in the Longbranch Cemetery. Please contact us at info@LongbranchCemetery.com

What do I need to do when it's time to bury someone?

Contact us as soon as possible at info@LongbranchCemetery.com or call Carolyn Dahl at 253-884-4382.

We are required to record and report all burials with no exceptions. We also need to mark the correct plot before the grave can be dug. Once, we have completed these tasks, you can proceed with the burial.

Note: The Longbranch Cemetery Association does not dig graves, sell or transport coffins, or provide any other burial services. You may hire a burial professionals to provide those types of services.

Can I spread or bury cremation ashes myself?

Yes, you may bury or spread cremation ashes, but first you must contact us so we can record the burial and mark out the plot. We suggest that cremains or urns be buried 10 inches below the surface.

Are there any restrictions regarding headstones, plantings, or maintenance?

We allow great latitude for creative plantings and headstones, with only a few restrictions. Invasive plants, and plants that will grow large are not allowed. Herbicides and pesticides are not allowed. We encourage the use of flat grave markers as it makes it easier to mow and maintain the cemetery.

How can I support the Longbranch Cemetery Association?

We are all volunteers and rely on member donations to pay for development, maintenance and mowing service at the cemetery. We also welcome volunteers who want to work in a collaborative, respectful manner. Please contact us at info@LongbranchCemetery.com.

The Longbranch Cemetery operates solely on donations and revenue from the sale of plots. We depend on and welcome donations! As a 501-C3, we can provide receipts so that your donations are tax deductible. Please contact us at info@LongbranchCemetery.com or send checks to Longbranch Cemetery Association, 4819 Key Peninsula Highway SW, Longbranch, WA, 98351.